Becoming Beauty --------------------------- Somewhere between animals and angels, We are all becoming beauty. Where darkness dwells, the light dispels, And I grow closer... to me.



Freedom Fighter Freedom is not a right, but an opportunity we create for each other, to live a little brighter. Through empathy and respect, in our shared humanity. Through reconciliation, redeeming the Divider. For there is only one love, for there is our liberty… join me, I am the freedom fighter.



Presence & Kindness --------------------------------- What is the resistance behind this? In who I was. This senseless acceptance of blindness. In who I am. What kind of transcendence will find bliss? Who I want to be… In paths toward presence, and kindness.



Never Lost Some things are won at the end of a path… Seeking the sought-after, gained at great cost. Others are found somewhere along the way. Not in being off track, misled, or double-crossed… But, in being free, to see with open heart. For the true seeker is never lost.



Piece, of You ---------------------- It will not cease the state that its in. There are no police controlling its spin. We look for peace in this world of sin, but only have lease on what’s under our skin. If you want release, then look within. Find a hurting piece, of you… and begin.



Longing -------------- Is there no end to this longing? In all our depths, or heights above? This holy grail of the soul, that we can’t ever get enough of… This eternal longing, of love, to become more love.



Fear ------------ Our primal nature that is amorphous: Fear can bring out the very worst in us, or it can bring about the best in us. It can ignite a destructive circus, that takes others’ down along with the ruckus. Or, it can make us aware and conscious that we need to change towards love and kindness… sparking a journey of greater purpose.



Unraveling Endless roads we travel together, seeking a fortune we’ve yet to discover. Some place on a map, that we can measure. But we remain entangled in this endeavor… for fulfillment comes in some greater pleasure. . . . You and I, unraveling forever. Until we see that is, our treasure.



Retell ------------- Though it is of me, I am not my story. For these things are only what’s HAPPENED, you see? They do not define who I CHOOSE to be. The victim, the victor, enslaved, or set free: perspectives become one’s reality. And I can retell, what it means to be me. (



Secret Heart -------------------- There are things you do, I do not know. Your secret ways, that I can’t see. Some silent, subtle, sacred art. For the traces you leave do not show, but for the wings they give to me. You know the way to my secret heart.



Either and Neither ---------------------------- “Standing at this crossroad, I can’t tell which way is better…” “Dear child, it doesn’t matter - for either AND neither may take you there!” “But, I must choose one, right?!” “Yes, of course.” “So…?” “Whichever way you take, go with presence and love - that’s what will really get you where you’re meant to be.”



Stolen ------------- Our lives are not stolen in whole, but in moments. In pieces, and components. In rationalized releases. In, “Can this much… really be THAT bad?” But it all adds up, in momentum. Until we look back at the sum and wonder… “who have we become?” (



Battlefield: In-Between ---------- That no man’s land… Between what I believe, and how I behave. Between what I say, and how I stray. Where there is no man but myself I fight to free. Where the weapons I wield are to others unseen. Where ‘till the war is won, I pray you’ll always find me on my battlefield: in-between.



Something There is something of my soul, in the swaying of these trees. This “something” that feels whole, this “something” that’s at ease. In the changing of the breeze, and the branches’ flex-abilities. In the letting go of control… and the “something else,” it frees.



Solace ------------- And suddenly we have sullen eyes, in reflection of these fleeting lives. When one is here and then they’re not, and “gone too soon” is all we’ve got. I search for solace to fill this hole, with heavy heart and solemn soul. Solace, in reflection, if we’re ever really gone… for somehow, I know, our love lives on.


Ascent ---------------- We met along the way. From the ways which ways we went, through all that’s become us, in this life, this ascent. Towards the eternal peak out there in the distance. By each conquest we claim, against our resistance. Thus when pointing the path, to each other be wise… For we see the same things, but with different eyes! Through highlands and lowlands, past wastelands and fountains… though we walk side by side, we climb different mountains.



The Singing ---------------------- I’ve spent most my life searching for a song, that might help make me feel like I belong. Always, just out of reach, on the tip of my tongue, I feared, it was a song that could not be sung. In this wild world all my hope had gone, ‘till I saw, it was “the singing” that I sought all along.



Begin Walking -------------------------- Looking down at the ground around, I found no path before me. I looked up and cursed the heavens, but still there was no path to see. Till I heard a still small voice within me began talking:



To Thrive --------------------- There is a madness. Something feral in our eyes, in the art of being alive. Of goodness and of sadness; in the part of us that dies to let another survive. A purpose in the process, that is wisdom to the wise. This is our hunger to thrive.



New Life ----------------- This tiny majesty before me, this bundle of opportunity. This wide-eyed blooming heart, stretching into all it’s born to be Whispering to the joy in me, to these wings of capability. A screaming, crying, work of art, to these roots of responsibility Beckoning a better part of me in wonder, frustration, and glee. To learn this love, and to take part, in setting new life free.



Duet ------------- In duet we dance, two melodies intertwined. Rising and falling and weaving unconfined. Light feet, and strong hearts, turning in and out of view. One line, with two parts, I arc towards glimpses of you. Each drawn to the light, felt within the other one; and through each other, spiraling towards completion.



Man ------------ Some go by the book and follow the plan. Afraid that if not, they’ll be exposed as a sham. Others simple try, to be the best they can. But still somehow fear, it might all be a scam. So, what is a man? This question we’ve asked, since questioning began. To be the lion? Or to be the lamb? What is a man? I am.



Something Greater ---------------------------------- A mountain is a mountain, when one stands before it. But climb it, and you will find, it becomes something new. As a path is just a path till you choose to explore it; and a journey soon unfolds, that you live your life into. For no end remains the same, when you start to search for it. As it becomes something new… something greater within you.



Love Is One ------------------------- When I look at the sea, everything seems clear to me. Connectivity - touches all the eye can see. We all belong, part of each song we sing, I know love is one. Tell me what you see, come now look out at our world. Negativity - every one feels incomplete. Why do we hate? And separate ourselves? If truly love is one. Tell me who are we? Why do we go on like this? Resistivity - to the peace that we all need. What do we fear? Nothing is clear these days. We are broken and undone. Who do you want be? Come now look inside yourself. Truth will set you free – why do we look to all else? I do not have, all of the answers yet… But, I know love is one.



As We Go ----------------- From branches above, thrust forth on a new start. We fall into life, wide eyed with eager heart. Curious with desire, and a fervor to learn. By experiencing struggle, we fight for what we earn. And if we take heed, of the hard reality below. We work with the wind, discovering our wings as we go. But some miss the point, and never learn to fly. Until they hit the ground and must give it another try.



In Dignity -------------- I'll take each blow, one by one. You'll take my life, till I'm done. My humanity. My identity. All that you can see. All you think is me. Yet when it's all striped away, I will still hold, my head high. In dignity. For one thing that will remain, is how I will reply.



Sapling -------------- A sapling in a shady grove, looks up at the rouge shafts of light, breaking through canopies above, delivering dawn from the night. A sapling longing to get closer, reaching taller than days before, for more strategic exposure, towards all that it is searching for.



The Trails Of Life -------------------------- We may walk on jagged stone, or may walk upon smooth sand. We may walk the way alone, or with others hand in hand. Some paths of these we may choose, others we are thrown upon. We may win, or we may loose, but must always carry on. For no matter the surface, or who shares our trials strife. The plan, process and purpose, trials are the trails of life.



Your Worth ----------------- Beauty fades, bodies change, and there is nothing more fleeting than pleasure. So don’t let your worth, die with age… Invest in your soul, that lives forever.



Believe and Become ------------------------------- Look at you. Look at me. Are we only, what we are able to see? It does not exist, unless you believe it is there. Yet in truth it is who you are, and it is everywhere. So step forth into your world, with courage and with love. For we become what we believe… we are capable of.



Harder Still ------------------- Its a hard thing to do; To hold your head, when all oppose you. To know yourself, and, defend your view. What’s harder to do; is to open your heart, when you don’t know how to. To let your self go, to what might come through. Its no easy tension, balancing these two. But its harder still, in the end, to have lived untrue.



Humanity ---------------------- These eyes have seen humanity In many shapes and sizes In piety, in vanity, exploring and expressing all life is. From privilege to poverty living out virtues and vices making masks of identity one loves what another despises Could it all be insanity? or could this be all we’re meant to be? In constant quest of being free of the bondage of our guises.