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One poem per week, wherever I am, as a practice in presence.


These journals and creative works are products of a weekly practice in processing life. They are a search for beauty in the human process of ‘becoming’ – the journey towards meaning, fulfillment, and  purpose.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a scribbler – writing bits and pieces here and there on various things available. Unsure of what to do with it, much was left ignored and discarded. However, as I’ve grown into adulthood, this persistent inclination has led me to realize that my creative expression is an undeniable part of how I experience joy in life. Pursuing this joy, fusing my loves of art and mysticism, has led me here: a project in which I seek to create a unique visual and lyrical experience that represents that which is most authentic and natural to my creative spirit.

Although I am not one to ‘put myself out there’ much, this project is a product of exploring life, and where I find myself in this world. I’ve come to a place where I feel somehow spiritually responsible (as I believe we all should) in participating in each others’ soul journey’s of ‘becoming beauty’ in their own right, by sharing mine.

My work and wanderlust has taken me all across the world and I consider myself blessed to have seen a lot of “life” in the process. “Life” of breathtaking beauty, joy, and sorrow in our raw humanity. Indeed these experiences have equally contributed to who I am, but although I love the spirit of adventure I have come to realize that our most meaningful destination is the journey within. For the journey of the soul is the only thing we can ever really take with us, and it is the only thing that can ever truly share with others, and thus, it is all we ever REALLY have. 

In my professional life, I work in Eastern Africa with a vibrant youth leadership development community. I grew up in this part of the world, where I now live (Kampala, Uganda), with my beautiful wife Dani, and newborn son, Leo. Together we adventure, create, explore, and share in one another’s process of finding meaning and fulfillment in this world.

See some of Dani’s work: www.fortheloveofwonder.com, and www.facebook.com/portraitsofkampala


And on a somewhat unrelated note… this happened once: